Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Meet Your Neighbor!

First of a series of "Meet Your Neighbor!" features, which will highlight people in the community with unusual jobs, hobbies or interests. Know of someone who should be featured? Send your suggestion via email to 

Meet Ronn Rohe
Helping families make the best of a bad situation is what Clairemont resident Ronn Rohe does for a living. As a professional child visitation monitor, he is the neutral third party hired by a divorced couple to monitor the transfer or visit of the couple's child during a court-ordered parental visitation period.

Ronn Rohe
According to Rohe, in most cases, child visitation is never an issue because the family is able to work things out on their own.  But when they can't, and a divorce settlement mandates a supervised visit or exchange, then Rohe is often called upon to make sure that everything goes safely and smoothly and the child gets quality time with the non-custodial parent.

While the supervision order can make some parents feel challenged or upset, Rohe has been trained to help them understand that he is there to assure that the child has the best possible experience and that the parents are acting within the scope of the decree.

Rohe also provides services to Trust and Probate attorneys including property and estate management services, welfare inspection and reports, and care, protection and support assistance.
He can be reached at or 858/779-4531.

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