Thursday, April 17, 2014

Planning Study Proposes Increased Height Limit in Morena Area

There has been a lot of interest and concern over some recommendations in the draft of the Morena Boulevard Station Area Planning Study.

Among the concerns of residents in the area are increased traffic because of the increased housing density projected and parking issues, especially for businesses along Morena.

These issues pale in comparison to the idea that the 30 foot height limit in the area be raised to 60 feet. This would allow buildings of up to 6 stories to be built at locations within the study area.  Residents of Bay Park are using postings on and to communicate information about the study and to organize protests.

Although there has been a good deal outreach about the study and community input has been sought it has been apparent that there are a fair number of residents for whom the study and its recommendations came as a surprise.

This week the Clairemont Mesa Planning Group  had a standing-room-only crowd as it reviewed the draft. Strong feelings were expressed by residents opposed to the increase in height limit. Although it is still early in the process that would result in a change like that, this issue could have implications in the election for the Council seat in District 2.

The Clairemont Town Council , Clairemont Chamber of Commerce and Morena Business Association are jointly hosting a Candidates' Forum for both District 2 and District 6 on May 1st at Cadman Elementary School, 4370 Kamloop Ave., at 7PM.  The public is invited to submit questions for the candidates on the Town Council's website. The foum is open to the public; residents of Clairemont and Bay park are encouraged to attend.

It will come as no surprise to anyone if some of the questions relate to the Morena Boulevard Station Area Study, along with the usual "when will they repave my crumbling street?".

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  1. If this six story increase is allowed, it will certainly ruin the views of many people on the hills above Mission Bay. Why should business always get the choice deals? Why should some mutt who lives in La Jolla get the million dollar Mission Bay view instead of the people who live there and moved there in part for that very reason? A good view is a huge selling point and a source of enjoyment.

    If you want to increase height, do it in areas where citizens WHO ELECTED THESE PEOPLE won't be impacted. Build high at the top and low near the bottom, thus preserving views for most of the people in Bay Park. Otherwise they're just reinventing Miami Beach, and you know how lovely a place THAT is!


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