Monday, April 7, 2014

Ready to Feel Good and Get in Shape? Meet Molly Goodwin!

Molly Goodwin
My name is Molly Goodwin and I own and operate Body Designs Fitness, a private, fully equipped fitness studio in Bay Park.  It is in a very tight knit, friendly building at 2607 Denver St, at Ingulf. I offer personal training for individuals of all ages, shapes and sizes, for partners, and small groups (3-5 people).  There are also circuit training classes offered on Saturday mornings at 8am and 9am. (Hint: see the bottom of this posting for a special deal!)

After training at a few studios here in San Diego and Arizona, I got the
courage to open my own in March 2007.  I have been a personal trainer for over 14 years and have worked with many of my clients for 10 years…wow! I have always preferred to train clients in a studio setting because of the small, and intimate environment.  I feel like I can really get to know my clients better that way.

I take pride in helping individuals overcome their fears and insecurities by introducing them to a healthy way of life.  I want to provide an alternative experience for those with apprehensions and negative feelings towards exercise.  I will be there to inspire and motivate every step of the way through this exciting journey.  My goal with my clients is to have them walking out of my door feeling better than they did when they walked in!

I graduated from Arizona State University with  a B.S. in Exercise Science and Wellness.  I am a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise and also a NASN Licensed Sports Nutritionist.  I am a mom now, but I am also a former NPC National Figure Competitor! I take pride in practicing what I preach!

Here are a few testimonials from my clients:
"Molly is amazing! I can't think of a more motivating and informative trainer. She is always willing to answer questions and help her clients better understand the process of getting and staying fit. Molly has an incredibly positive attitude and makes even the toughest workouts more enjoyable. I have worked with different trainers over the year and I've never been happier than with my experience at Body Designs Fitness." ~Mandy Matas, Age 38
"I can't belive I found a trainer as educated and personable as Molly at Body Designs Fitness. My husband and I go together and she keeps us equally engaged, yet helps us individually with our challenges. She's upbeat and positive and doesn't yell out orders--even in Bootcamp!  Her studio is clean and spacious and conveniently located just off the 5 at Clairemont Drive/Mission Bay. I used to work out on my own, but Molly has pushed me to a new level. I didn't realize what a difference a good personal trainer can make. If you stop by to meet her, you'll know what I mean right away." ~Jo Zakarin, Age 54
"I have been using a personal trainer for years, but when i began to work with Molly she brought me results that I have not seen before.  She is very knowledgable about nutrition, anatomy, and health issues.  She customizes her workouts to suit everyone.  She definitely challenges me every time whether i am in a group class or in a private session.  Molly does not repeat routines; keeping the workouts fun, and keeping the muscles "confused".  No muscle is left untouched! Since training with Molly, I have found the strength and courage to also try other athletic activities like road biking and returning to snow skiing.  i definitely would not have the endurance I have now if not for Molly's great workouts.  I am so grateful to Molly for showing me how much I can really do!" ~Cheryl McCarthy, Age 52

Address:  2607 Denver St
               San Diego, CA 92110
Phone:    858.945.6999

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