Monday, May 19, 2014

Garden of Miracles in Clairemont

The Green Team
When members of Pioneer Ocean View United Church of Christ set out one day to create a vegetable garden for the church, little did they envision the many miracles that would happen as a result.

“The garden has literally transformed us in so many ways”, says Jim Lin, one of the 45 volunteers who helped build the garden. “Building the garden reminded me of one of those old-fashioned barn raisings that were common years ago. All the elements were there – neighbors working side-by-side, lively conversation, a sense of accomplishment, and the sharing of a meal together after a hard day’s work – all things that money can’t buy, yet are so needed in today’s fast paced society.”

The garden, once an ugly plot of weeds, is thriving and is continuing to yield a bountiful harvest of miracles in so many ways. Young ears of corn are emerging from green stalks and pumpkins are beginning to spread their vines. Not only the plants, but new friendships are also blooming from the gardening experience. Each week, both young and old gather in the garden to see how the plants are doing, gardening tips are passed down from one generation to the next, greens are harvested and eaten during our weekly church luncheons. In so many ways, the gardening experience has been transformative for church members.

What’s next for the garden? Fueled by the success of their project and excited about the ways in which the garden has transformed its members, the church now has a desire to build a bigger garden for their Clairemont community. The church has the desire and the manpower to build a garden, but needs a piece of land on which to do so. If you or anyone you know has land that could be used to build a community garden, the church would love to talk to you. Please contact the church at (619) 276-4881. Help us as we create these same types of miracles for the people of Clairemont!

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  1. We are looking for a plot of land onto which to build a beautiful community garden in the Bay Park/Clairemont area. Please contact us if you know of a plot of land that is available. We have the desire and the manpower to create a garden, just don't have the land.


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