Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Part Time Help Wanted!

Michael Cohen, Agent, State Farm is looking for a young person with a car who is just starting college for a part time clerical position. Hours are flexible around class schedule but need to work a minimum of 20 hrs. per week. Starting pay depends on skill and experience but it is very competitive.

Michael says “My wife Linda is my office manager and we enjoy mentoring young people while they pursue their education. It's been fun and rewarding. If anyone wants to check me out they can visit StateFarm.com, go to agent locator and enter my name and zip code: 92122.”

This sounds like a great opportunity, if you are interested call 858-245-3453.


  1. Love to see you utilizing our teens in a mentoring fashion!!!

  2. hmmm.....Curious, but would you be open to a former stay at home mom re-entering the work force that has experience in the insurance industry?

    1. Angelique, please call the number in the post to follow up on your question, I don't know if Mr. Cohen will see your comment here. Best wishes!


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