Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Portrait Sessions for Singles | Online Dating Profile Photos

by Justin Novak
Isn't this better than a blurry "selfie"?

Recently I’ve had several San Diego clients contact me for portrait / head shot sessions, not for their professional online networking profiles, but for their online dating profiles.

At first I didn’t really get it, but after really thinking about how professionals spend their hard earned money to market themselves as the face of their company (doctors, lawyers, yoga instructors, trainers, actors) it all made sense. Most singles that are on dating websites like Match.com, Eharmony or even Plenty of Fish are establishing themselves as a professional, and the product is themselves.

I personally have paid money for professional head shots to be used on websites to represent myself as a photographer, but I hadn't thought about actually hiring a photographer for my online dating profile.

Over the last two weeks I’ve completed three different photo sessions specifically for clients that want their dating profile images to be better than the other singles on their sites. If clients are going to make investments into their professional life in this manner, single clients should be investing in their personal love life this way too!

I mean really, don’t you want your potential match to see YOU at a higher value than the other profiles…I know I would…and will!

Justin Novak is a professional portrait photographer based in America’s Finest City San Diego, California. I enjoy shooting creative portraits, advertising campaigns and commercial images. My greatest strength is the ability to connect with individuals from corporate executives to street artists, build rapport with them, and deliver an enjoyable experience.


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