Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Publisher's Letter: CC News to Become Online Publication

Hello Friends,
Clairemont Community News May 2014 Cover
I have some big news for you: this month’s issue, #92, will be the last printed issue of the Clairemont Community News. After this, the CCNews will become an all-digital online publication.

The CCNews’s mission has always been to offer an effective and affordable way for schools, community groups and businesses in Clairemont and Bay Park to share their news and events, along with important and timely community information.

Back in 2006 when the paper started the best way to do that was in print, once a month, hand delivered to each house and available to pick up throughout the neighborhood.

These days no one has to wait a month to hear the neighborhood news: online tools like Clairemont.com, the Clairemont Central blog, Facebook , Google+ , Twitter, Click on Clairemont, etc.  give me the ability to bring you neighborhood news almost as it happens. It also makes it possible for you to participate in the discussion of topics important to you. For the businesses in Clairemont and Bay Park, this means lower cost and more effective advertising options too.

In 2014, it seems “everybody” has a Facebook page or at least an e mail account. Everyday more and more of the people who live or work or grew up in Clairemont and Bay Park are getting their news and community information online.  In addition, from an ecological standpoint, all those printed copies have a negative impact I would like to avoid contributing to anymore.

I realize there are people in the community that enjoy reading a printed newspaper but I hope you will give the digital version a try. In fact, you will still be able to read any story you want in print, since anything posted online can be printed too! If you would like some help with navigating the internet, let me know and I can point you toward several resources.

I’m looking forward to continuing to bring you the CC News in its new format! Thank you for your support, see you around the neighborhood!

Janet Poutre

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