Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Clairemont's Family Vision Care Offers New Technology for Diabetes Detection

Family Vision Care, a leading optometric practice in the Clairemont area of San Diego has announced the arrival of one of the first devices in the area to measure autofluorescence of the eye, a marker for uncontrolled glucose and diabetes. 
ClearPath DS-120

Cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) earlier this year, the ClearPath DS-120™ Lens Fluorescence Biomicroscope is a first-in-class, non-invasive tool designed to quickly and accurately measure autofluorescence through a six second scan of the crystalline lens of the eye. A significant number of independent peer-reviewed studies have suggested that elevated lens autofluorescence may be an early indicator of the presence of diabetes up to seven years before the onset of disease complications.
Dr. Gary Sneag and Dr. Melanie Langford
and the Family Vision Care staff

Nearly 104.8 million Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes, costing an estimated $250 billion annually. Complications of diabetes including blindness, kidney failure and amputations can be avoided with early disease detection and intervention.

“New technology is entrenching eye care professionals on the front lines of diabetes detection and prevention, and we could be at the center of one of the most important public health opportunities of our generation,” said Dr. Gary Sneag.

The ClearPath DS-120 produces a quantitative result that is immediately available to the optometrist and patient, and can be electronically transmitted to a patient or referral healthcare provider. The scan does not require a blood draw or pupil dilation. The device has a small footprint, sits on a table top, and employs an easy to use touch screen display that can be wirelessly linked to a practitioner’s electronic medical record system.
Family Vision Care recently hosted a reception on behalf of the Clairemont Chamber of Commerce and attendees will be given the unique opportunity to test the ClearPath DS-120 six second scan and obtain their real-time test results report at no charge. Those who opted to take the test reported no discomfort of any kind and found their instant results enlightening.

If you are worried about your risk for diabetes, or have any other vision-related concerns, please call Family Vision Care at 858-560-5181 for an appointment.

More information about Family Vision Care is available at More information about the ClearPath is available here.

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