Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Clairemont Town Council August News Update

Ryan Trabuco
by Ryan Trabuco, CTC President

At last month's Clairemont Town Council meeting, we approved a recommendation to start our Board and General monthly meetings at 6:30pm.

Our colleagues at the Clairemont Planning Board have been meeting at 6:30pm for years, so we felt it was appropriate to start our meetings at the same time. This hopefully will create some uniformity between the Town Council and the Planning Board.

Last month, we discussed the importance of voting and the abysmal turnout in the June Primary Election. Clairemont, as we've learned, turns out to vote at higher percentages than other communities throughout our region.

However, the election process does not stop when you turn in your ballot!

For our next Clairemont Town Council meeting, we are very excited to welcome Michael Vu, our county's Registrar of Voters. The ROV will explain the process of receiving and counting ballots, and other fascinating tidbits about our election process. Also, we will be voting to fill a few vacancies on our Board of Directors.

Our meeting is this Thursday, August 7th. Clairemont Town Council general meetings are held at 6:30pm inside the Cadman Elementary cafeteria (4370 Kamloop Avenue, San Diego, CA 92117).

Also, to ensure that you plan on attending, we will again be serving pizza. Local pizza. The best kind, of course! So, please be sure to attend, get fed, and get involved in our community!

We are still in need of a Garden Tour Chair! We are looking to get started on organizing for next year's tour. The earlier we start getting this organized, the more successful our efforts will be. Can we count on you to step up and help us host a successful tour next May? If you're interested, please e-mail us at

Our Membership Chair Rick Richard would also like to remind everyone that if you have paid your membership dues for the year, we have your membership cards at the meeting. We have about 50 cards that have not been picked up by full, dues-paying members so please plan on attending to pick up your cards. They are cool, laminated, and durable -- and they look nice!

Finally, we love hearing feedback from everyone. If you feel your Clairemont Town Council should be doing more to highlight a particular issue, or help provide better community service, then please let us know! You can call us at 858.480.9430, or e-mail your CTC Board of Directors at

Working for you, Clairemont!

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