Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Who is at the Clairemont Farmers' Market This Week? Tango Latin American Flavors

Did you know you can get not only fresh local produce but delicious prepared foods as well at the Tuesday evening Clairemont Farmers' Market?  One of the most intriguing stands is Tango Latin American Flavors.

Tango specializes in Latin American cuisine; from Argentinian empanadas with chimichurri sauce to fruit salads with chili powder. They cook and prepare everything in the moment to guarantee our customers the products’ freshness and highest quality ingredients.

Tango's full product list consists of:

  • Empanadas, savory & sweet
  • Fruit Salads
  • Apple covered with Tamarind Paste & Mango 
  • Organic Acai Bowl 
  • Cottage Cheese Bowl 
  • Organic Corn in a Cup  

Whenever possible Tango buys their products from local farmers. For example, the lemons used to compliment our fruit salads, our organic corn in a cup, and the apples we cover in tamarind paste come from the Summit Farm booth at the Clairemont Farmers Market.

The company is also very environmental friendly; they use containers that are recyclable and they have stopped using plastic bags, encouraging customers to bring their own reusable bags.

You can learn more about Tango Latin American flavors by visiting their Facebook page , but it's more fun to stop by their booth at the Tuesday night Clairemont Farmers' Market and try some of their mouthwatering treats!

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