Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Who is at the Farmers' Market This Week? Home Grown in the City

Every Tuesday evening from 3-7pm , the parking lot of the Clairemont Lutheran Church at 4271 Clairemont Mesa Blvd. comes alive with the opening of the Clairemont Farmers' Market. The market features local growers and their fresh produce, artisans selling handmade items and prepared food vendors.

One of those is Home Grown in the City. Greeting customers with a smile behind a table full of jars glowing with golden honey in the evening light is the owner, April Larson.  "I am the Clairemont Honey Vendor. I have delicious raw local honey. It is all citrus-based as the bees happily pollinate citrus groves throughout El Cajon, Lakeside and up in the hills to Potrero.  Where is that you wonder? Just think jet stream," says April with a laugh. "Other than the hives everything else is done right in my Clairemont home."

Honey isn't April's only product: every other week she also brings all of her handmade skin,
body and home care items.  They are all made with organic oils and if scented, are done so with essential oils.

Next time you shop at the weekly Clairemont Farmers' Market, be sure and stop at Home Grown in the City's booth. Says April, "Come say hi next time you are taking a stroll.  I love meeting all of the neighbors coming through and I always have something great for you to try!  Just look for my sign Home Grown In The City; it is a home grown revolution after all !"

The Clairemont Farmers' Market is held every Tuesday from 3-7pm at 4271 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.

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