Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hate Crime in Clairemont: Local Church Vandalized

Met Church members repairing damage
The Met (Metropolitan Community Church), located at 2633 Denver St., just off Clairemont Drive. is a "spirit-filled community of faith, bringing people closer to God and one another".  As the pastor describes it, "We are a joyful, diverse and welcoming community – growing together in love for each other and God as a VIP Church - Vibrant, Inclusive and Progressive."

It is one of the newer churches in our neighborhood, having moved here in 2009.

Recently the church was the target of vandalism of the most repulsive kind: graffiti with a hate message was spray painted on the building. This after the church's banner was stolen and before the building was "egged".  That's the kind of crime I don't expect in Clairemont; graffiti, yes but slurs on the walls of a church?

I was also disappointed not to have heard anything about this in the news-- I do read the UT everyday and did not see any coverage of this.

My spirits were lifted and a measure of positivity was restored reading the church's newsletter item regarding
what happened:

As many of you already know, our church was the target of vandalism last weekend. The graffiti was defined as a hate crime and a police report has been filed. We are grateful to the generous congregants who donated a security camera system and monies to help cover the expense of replacing our banners and repainting.
If you joined us in worship last Sunday or had the opportunity to listen online, you know that God's hand was already in motion as Pastor Dan prepared his sermon for that day, "Don't Take Anything Personally."  Take a moment to soak that in....  God knew we would be tested by the hateful things written upon our walls, but before it even actually happened, he had a plan to remind us through the scriptures Pastor Dan selected in advance, that we are to live in harmony with one another... that we should not repay evil with evil.  Even Nancy Maclean's prayer, prepared days beforehand, spoke to overcoming our need for revenge.
So together as a church, we brush ourselves off, apply a new coat of paint and continue to let our light shine living out our mission of bringing people closer to God and one another!  Amen!
As a community member I see the presence of The Met in Clairemont as a positive thing and I am glad the congregation has taken this point of view on the incident.  I would hate to think a worthy group of people and a church open to all would feel unwanted here.

Let's hope the SDPD can get those responsible for spreading hate out of our community.

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