Wednesday, September 24, 2014

No 60 Ft: "Raise the Balloon" Event Saturday

by Harry Jensen

The “Raise the Balloon” event is scheduled for this Sat., 9-27-2014 @ 10:00AM. Starting point is the corner of Morena Blvd. and Ingulf St. Over flow parking is available at the Visitor Center (End of Clmt. Dr.). Walk across the Clmt. Dr. Overpass and down the stairs to Morena Blvd. This event is the result of hard working Bay Park residents who oppose the re-zoning of the Morena Blvd. Corridor (MBC) to RM-3-7, which will allow 44 units per acre and a 60 Ft. height limit.

The MBC re-zoning plan will add 5000 units and approximately 10,000 cars to a re-configured 2 lane Morena Blvd. The City plan would Close Napa St. that connects Linda Vista Rd. with Morena Blvd. The courageous “Raise the Balloon” planners and volunteers require as many people as possible to attend the event. This is the first legitimate opposition demonstration to a flawed San Diego City
Council community plan, known as “Morena Blvd Station Area Planning Study” (MBSAPS) final report dated 2/2014. Your help and support are needed on the 27th.

An announcement was made recently by Irvine-based developer Related California regarding their plans to construct 4000 units on the “Riverwalk Golf Club” property. This, along with the Morena Blvd. Corridor re-zoning, will further stress San Diego’s power grid, water and sewer infrastructure, recreational facilities and increase traffic congestion along Friars Rd., Linda Vista Rd., Morena Blvd. and other residential streets and freeways.

The MBSAPS & “Riverwalk Golf Club” plans will negatively impact the environment of the San Diego region and requires a more in-depth review by San Diego residents. San Diego City and County politicians and bureaucrats have created a monumental community planning crisis that needs to be halted and reviewed. San Diego will benefit from the suspension of community planning by San Diego City, County and SANDAG. Suspend now and review plans in depth!

It’s time to stand up and be counted. Asked your friends to attend and make this opposition event a big success. This “Raise the Balloon” event needs support from all areas of the county.

Please leave your politics at home. This is a non-partisan opposition movement.

Please stop by and say hi.  I’ll be located at corner of Jellett St. and Morena Blvd.

“Be a politician; no training necessary.” Will Rogers

Harry Jensen
Chairman, Morena Traffic Congestion Group
2445 Morena Blvd., Ste. 102
San Diego, CA 92110-4156

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