Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Polish Your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills with SpeechCraft

Please join Voyagers Toastmasters for a 5-week SpeechCraft program which starts on September 25th.  The dates are September 25 through October 23, 2014 on Thursday mornings from 7:00 – 8:30am at CafĂ© Coyote, 2461 Old Town Avenue, San Diego, CA 92110. The cost is $36.00, which includes all materials

SpeechCraft is designed to teach you the “how to’s” of public speaking in a fun, hands-on, and supportive atmosphere. The program focuses on skills vital to almost any profession today, including speaking, listening, thinking, and evaluating.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Speak without fear in front of small and large groups of people
  • Prepare effective speeches in a limited time frame
  • Improve your presentation skills and win the respect and admiration of your colleagues
  • Lead effective meetings and increase your management and/or promotion potential.

Participants of SpeechCraft programs have found these immediate benefits:

  • Gained confidence in public speaking
  • Increased communication and language skills
  • Learned how to think quickly and clearly
  • Learned how to become an effective listener
  • Advanced their social skills
  • Enhanced their leadership skills
  • Understood how to use body language and visual aids when presenting

What happens in SpeechCraft?
You will experience a wide range of communication experiences. No experience is necessary. We pair you up with a mentor Advisor during the program who will help show you the ropes!

As part of the program, we provide you a Toastmasters SpeechCraft manual to guide your progress. You’ll have an opportunity to practice several short speeches to help you develop confidence and competency. After giving a short prepared speech, you receive a constructive speech evaluation.

Upon completion of the basic course, you have the option to continue your training at ourToastmasters Club.

Register Early – Limited Spaces Available
Contact: Felicia Douglis:  fdouglis@hiringprep.com  or  (619) 992-9369

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