Monday, October 20, 2014

Postal Connections Moves Around the Corner

Postal Connections' New Store
Postal Connections has moved! The popular store has moved from Clairemont Dr. just around the corner to 4231 Balboa, behind Starbucks and next to Mandarin Wok.  The center has been undergoing a bit of a "face lift" so a date for a Grand Opening hasn't yet been set, but the store is open and busier than ever!

San Diego Postal Connections partners with businesses and residents to provide expert completion of those administrative tasks that just have to get done. Services include packing and shipping, ink refills and over 20 other products and services.

Postal Connections is a family owned business, operated by a retired Naval Officer.  It offers unparalleled customer service and a dedicated pledge to meet all customer requests within 24 hours. Says Ann Marie Marvin, co-owner with her husband, "We’re a local store that you can count on. We have roots in the community including a membership in the Clairemont Chamber of Commerce.  Come into our Postal Connections when a crucial document needs to be notarized, a delicate gift has to be packed and shipped or you just need to get on the internet for an hour or so!"

As Clairemont's community business center Postal Connections provides residents and businesses
administrative services done affordably, quickly and competently. Below are just some of the 20+ products and services the store offers:
Pack and Ship
This is what we do for a living and we’re the best at it. We have the packing boxes, filler and most importantly, the expertise to get your package to its destination intact. We ship anywhere in the world, from San Diego to Sochi, Russia.
Ink Refills
If you have a printer and have tried to obtain replacement ink, you know how expensive it can be, even for the common black ink. Try our ink refill service. Not only is the ink on par with the name brands, it costs a lot less. It works well whether you’re printing all day or just running off a few docs a week.
Printing and Copying
When you are seeking the ultimate flexibility for a print or copy job, come to Postal Connections San Diego. You can do the job yourself or have us do it for you. Our facility also has the ability to stack, collate, staple and prepare your documents just the way you need them. You don’t need to put a space wasting printer or copier in your home. You can use ours anytime you like!
Notary Services
We will notarize your documents for a nominal charge and will do it for you quickly. We have a notary on staff at all times, and no appointment needed!
Mailbox Rental
Unlike the Post Office, renting a private mailbox will give you a street address. This means it will be a valid address for any need you may have and you may have FedEx, UPS, On Trac, DHL, and courier delivery.
Key Copies
Need a house key? What about for your padlock? Maybe you’re looking for a fancy pattern or something fun. Come see us for keys and accessories. It only takes a minute and we guarantee all our keys.
Computer Rental
Need a computer? Need to print something, send an e-mail, or just catch up on Facebook? Come use our computer!

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