Tuesday, November 11, 2014

A Salute to Clairemont’s Veterans

In honor of Veteran's Day on a #ThrowbackTuesday the CC News presents a selection from our "Salute to Veterans" issue from Nov. 2011. To read the whole issue, click here

By Lori Saldaña

Anyone who lives, works or otherwise enjoys being in and around Clairemont is probably well aware of our community’s close ties to the military.

Clairemont was the first post-WW II “planned” residential development, and it immediately attracted
the families who were enjoying their GI Bill VA loans. It was conveniently located between the defense industry giants General Dynamics and Convair, formerly in Kearny Mesa and MCRD and NTC down on the waterfront.

That this relationship still exists is obvious. Driving around Clairemont one can see service flags proudly flying alongside the stars and stripes in a front yard, DOD base credentials on cars, “I support the troops” stickers on bumpers, or a service star on view in a front window.

Less often, we see a gold star, and pray for the family who has lost a loved one in combat.

In addition, we can HEAR the unmistakable “sounds of freedom” roaring overhead, never as loudly
as during the Air Shows at Miramar. All of these things are a basic part of life in Clairemont that illustrate our strong associations with military service.

We acknowledge our veterans' service and sacrifice, celebrate their lives and remind everyone of our heritage, and our shared future.

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