Friday, January 23, 2015

Introducing The Digital Cookie: It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time!

Julie Seaux
Clairemont’s friendly neighborhood Girl Scouts are gladly helping residents stock up on America's favorite confection … Girl Scout cookies!

Offerings include two brand new varieties— Rah-Rah Raisins and gluten-free Toffee-tastics— and returning favorites Thin Mints, Samoas, Do-si-dos, Trefoils and Tagalongs. Other new developments include the Digital Cookie program, through which Girl Scouts can sell cookies online for the first time; and the 40th anniversary of Samoa cookies.

All proceeds from each $5 box stay local to help fund Girl Scout activities and programs. Clairemont is home to nearly 900 Girl Scout members (girls and adults).

Girl Scout Senior Julie Seaux (pictured) of Troop 3628 is among standout cookie entrepreneurs. The Clairemont resident was among the region’s top 10 cookie sellers last year, reaching a total of 3,000 boxes.

Through the Girl Scout Cookie Program — the world’s biggest girl-led business— girls like Julie gain key skills like goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics. They also help serve the military by inviting customers to donate to Operation Thin Mint (OTM)®. This year, Girl Scouts will celebrate sending the 2.5 millionth box of OTM cookies, and countless “notes to show we care,” to deployed military troops.

Like all Girl Scouts, Julie loves to help make the world a better place … for which she views the cookie program as a springboard. In addition to supporting the OTM campaign, she seeks opportunities to turn cookie dollars into Girl Scouting adventures. She used part of her 2014 cookie earnings to start and lead a new Girl Scout Daisy troop at Bay Park Elementary School — and plans to form another this fall with her cousin Harlow as her first recruit. The new Daisies will technically be part of Julie’s troop number, 3628, so that the younger members can effectively “inherit” the troop number when the older girls graduate from  high school this year. Julie hopes the troop will keep going for years to come, so that if she ever has daughters, they can join, too.

The five members of the current Troop 3628 have been together a long time. The girls use cookie proceeds to pay for nearly all of their Girl Scouting activities, including camp, community service projects and trips to destinations such as Costa Rica, Sacramento and New York.

The cookie program ends on Sunday, March 8.

New Girl Scouts and adult volunteers are welcome to join the cookie season action, as well as participate in Girl Scouting adventures year-round. To sign up, contact Alex Metz, (619) 610-0793, or For more information, visit the Girl Scouts San Diego website,

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