Friday, February 20, 2015

Clairemont Company Saves the Day for Oscar-Bound Bear

Clients with a tight time frame are nothing new to Cam Schultz, owner of EmbroidMe San Diego , but helping someone get ready for the Oscars, well, that's a first for this successful Clairemont entrepreneur.

When she got a call requesting an overnight order of embroidery on a blazer, Cam handled it like a normal emergency order, asking for the details in the hope she could make it happen.

“Our standard turnaround is typically 7-10 days, but we always try to help our customers out and it sounded like this was a one-time publicity opportunity for our caller. One of the first things I asked, was, 'is this going to be a typical left chest pocket sized embroidery?' At which point my caller paused and said, ‘well actually, this is a jacket for a bear.’ At which point things got really interesting. The bear, I was told, would be going to the Oscars,” explained Cam .

The bear, it turns out, represents the bear from the California state flag and is a spokesmodel for Energy Upgrade California®, a state initiative to help Californians conserve energy. After receiving an exclusive invitation to an Oscars award party, the Bear found that he did not have the appropriate attire for such a notable event, and the marketing office was in the position of finding someone that could deliver a difficult job in less than 24 hours.

This was a little bit more than your average job to put an embroidered logo on a bear's suit jacket, which happens to be a size 58 Long.

“Clearly the embroidery was going to need to be much larger than is typical, and the tight timetable gave us no room for experimentation.  But once the guy who wears the bear suit brought us the jacket, we were able to size the embroidery for good visibility. We took advantage of our relationship with overseas suppliers to get the embroidery programming done overnight, tested it out the next morning and were able to get the jacket embroidered in plenty of time,” Schultz concluded.

So on Sunday when you are watching the Oscars telecast, you just might see a Bear in his sharp embroidered logo jacket; a little bit of Clairemont in Hollywood!

About EmbroidMe of San Diego, Ca
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