Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Clairemont Town Council President's Letter

by Ryan Trabuco

Neighborhood Watch has been an important, integral part of so many communities throughout the years. It's shaped community identities, encouraged neighborly behavior among strangers, and it has often built the foundation of long-lasting friendships and camaraderie.

Over the last few decades, Neighborhood Watch has waned in many parts of Clairemont. New neighbors come and go, and demographics have changed. However, through a coalition between SDPD Northern Division, the website, community activists in University City, and efforts of our Town Council's Public Safety Advisory Committee are working to bring Neighborhood Watch back.

A few weeks ago, this coalition launched an effort at Mount Etna Park that brought out at least 40 interested individuals to help recruit block captains and those interested in helping to lead this charge. There's excitement in the air for safer neighborhoods!

If you'd like more information in our rejuvenated Neighborhood Watch efforts, please contact Steph Groce at

Also, an all-new Garden Tour Committee has come together and we are excited to get things organized for our 19th Annual Clairemont Garden Tour this May. If you'd like to nominate your home for the tour, or know a neighbor whose garden deserves to be on this year's tour, please contact

After a discussion at our last Board meeting, we will begin conducting a thorough review of our Bylaws, and identifying any inconsistencies that need to be corrected and addressed. Bylaws are thrilling, right?

Our next Clairemont Town Council meeting will be held this Thursday, February 5th at 6:30pm. Former Interim Mayor and Council President Todd Gloria will be our guest speaker, and with some exciting new changes happening at Mesa College, we will hear a presentation from Tim McGrath, Vice-President of Instruction.

At our last Board meeting, we interviewed several candidates for vacant positions on the Clairemont Town Council Board of Directors. The Board will recommend Lynn Little for Director West, and Kyley Christy, Carrie Munson, and Rhoda Quate for Directors-at-Large. These four fantastic women leaders will be voted on at the meeting on Thursday.

Finally, if you haven't already updated, renewed, or joined the Clairemont Town Council you're always welcome. At our last Board meeting, we voted to introduce Student/College memberships, for those young, collegiate whipper-snappers who may also want to be involved in this community. Along with already established memberships for Seniors and Veterans, the new Student/College Memberships will be $10 annually. For more information on joining the Town Council, please visit

Ryan Trabuco
Working for you, Clairemont!

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