Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bilingual Caterpillar to Offer Lego Techies Summer Camp in Bay Park

What's a Bilingual Caterpillar? It's an educational childcare program in Bay Park that's got a unique program for children ages 2 to 4.

Bilingual Caterpillar's aim is to help families who are trying to raise bilingual children as well as those who want their children exposed to a second language during their early years of life.In this day and age learning a second language is almost a requirement. Learning languages before the age of six is effortless.

Each child benefits from constant exposure to the Spanish language through activities, games, songs cooking and storytelling. The children learn words and phrases that in time become part of their natural thought process. The students have the opportunity to explore developmental areas such as language, art, free play, painting, dancing, circle time and sharing, which are all components of our daily program.

Home-based, licensed since 2010, with a Monday-Thursday morning schedule, Bilingual Caterpillar offers parents the option of having their children attend either 2 or 4 days per week from 9am-12:15pm.

New this year: Special Legos Techies Summer Camp!

Looking for something different for your middle schooler ages 9-13 to do this summer? Try this fun robotics camp at Bilingual Caterpillar! With Lego Mindstorms Education, students can build robots and learn to use software to plan, test and modify instructions on their own built robots. This class will provide hands-on experience  with sensors, motors and intelligent units. The student will learn to develop solutions while testing their robots in an environment that promotes communication and sharing ideas among their classmate piers in a small group setting class.

In addition the following important topics will be covered:  robotics safety,  robotics industry
and major fields, robotics competitions and a robotics  notebook will be maintained during the class.

For more information or to apply visit and click summer camps page.or call 619-804-0466.

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