Friday, May 15, 2015

Clairemont Says Goodbye Albertsons, Hello Haggen!

West Coast regional grocery chain Haggen (pronounced “hay-gunn”) took ownership of its very first store in California, an Albertsons located in Carlsbad, California, at 12:01 am Monday, March 9. The new store, refreshed to reflect Haggen’s focus on fresh, locally sourced products alongside everyday big brands, was the first of 100 stores in California, Arizona and Nevada it plans to acquire and convert to the Haggen brand in the first half of 2015.

Locally, the Albertsons at 5950 Balboa (next to Target/HomeDepot) is in the process  of becoming a Haggen store today, May 15, 2015. The Albertsons store closed last night and at 12:01am today Haggen took ownership to begin the conversion. It will open again tomorrow in its new identity. NOTE: The pharmacy will remain open during the conversion starting late morning May 15.

At Haggen, shoppers can expect enhanced, fresh offerings, homegrown quality and affordable prices, along with exceptional service and the friendly faces they already know in the store. As each new store is transformed into the Haggen brand, employees will be invited to become Haggen employees.

“We’re excited about the changes we’re making to enhance these stores with more locally sourced food offerings, genuine service and homemade quality, and we’re confident customers will like the new look, convenience and value offered at our new Haggen one-stop, full-service grocery destinations,” said Bill Shaner, Haggen CEO Pacific Southwest. “We’re proud to continue employing all the wonderful associates our customers look for when they shop and offering shoppers the essential items they need, specialty items they want, and locally relevant items that reflect the community,” added Shaner.
Haggen Southwest CEO Bill Shaner
outside 1st CA store in La Costa

Haggen’s commitment to being local extends beyond its sourcing and into the communities around its stores. Haggen plans to partner closely with local farmers and producers to sell their products on Haggen’s shelves; with community members to give back through non-profit organizations; and small businesses to explore co-marketing programs.

Haggen will take ownership and convert the 83 stores across California in March, April and May. The 26 Washington store conversions began in mid-February, and 20 Oregon store conversions will begin in mid-March. The seven Nevada and 10 Arizona stores will be the last to convert in late spring. Each week, between one and 12 stores will be converted.

About Haggen

Founded in 1933 in Bellingham, Washington, Haggen has built its business on providing guests the freshest and most local products with genuine service, while supporting the communities it serves. The company currently operates stores in Washington and Oregon, and is in the process of acquiring an additional 146 stores and establishing a second headquarters in Irvine, California. With this acquisition, Haggen will expand from 18 stores with 16 pharmacies to 164 stores with 106 pharmacies; from 2,000 employees to more than 10,000 employees; and from a Pacific Northwest company with locations in Oregon and Washington to a major regional grocery chain with locations in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada and Arizona. Throughout its eight decades in business, the company has supported regional farms, ranches, fisheries and other businesses, creating a lasting and sustainable local food economy. The company remains focused on building local, sustainable food economies as it expands. For more information about what’s happening at Haggen, visit

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