Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday Wellness: Why Acupuncture?

by Geno Diveley, L.Ac, Acujin Holistic Therapies

“Why do you practice traditional Chinese medicine? Why acupuncture or massage instead of a pill to treat pain?” I have been asked this question many times.  The reason I practice acupuncture is simple: it works! I don’t believe it is a placebo effect or some sort of hypnosis. It works because it is a physiological reaction to stimulation of specific points on the body.

My first experience with acupuncture was when I was 16 years old. My mother was recovering from surgery and in severe pain. The pain medication the doctors prescribed made her sick with extreme nausea and vomiting.  I was very concerned for her health.

I had attended a local massage school to learn Shiatsu (Japanese acupressure) as a hobby and had been giving treatments to friends and family.  I has seen first-hand how a simple massage could help people alleviate tension headaches, digestive issues and back pain without the use of any drug.

When my mother was so uncomfortable, I wondered if treating her with shiatsu could help so I called my instructors. They suggested putting ion pellets (basically pellets on a piece of tape) on certain acu-points.

I was very skeptical but I wanted to try anything if it worked.  I picked up the pellets from my instructor, along with instructions about which 6 points to use.  I put a couple on my mom’s legs, two on her wrist and two on her neck.  My mom was skeptical as well.

Within 15 minutes she was up cooking our dinner with no signs of any discomfort.  She said she felt great and even went to work the next day. I was so impressed by the results; I had to learn more about traditional Chinese medicine. After over 30 years I am still amazed by the results I have seen in my own personal practice.

Acupuncture is mainly recognized by insurance companies and doctors as a method for treating general pain as well as nausea from chemotherapy.  Acupuncture is also a treatment for digestive issues, infertility, allergies, and general inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, and bursitis. It also helps speed up recovery time of injuries from sports or accidents.

Acupuncture compliments massage, chiropractic treatments and physical therapy.  It is also a preventative therapy.  I treat a range of clientele who use acupuncture to not only alleviate pain but also prevent any future damage from repetitive motion from sports activity or from the work environment.

I believe that there is a place for every form of healing modality. I believe in modern western medical practice as well as the time-tested ancient therapies such as acupuncture and massage.   I believe as practitioners of the healing arts it is our responsibility to know our own limitations and know when to refer a patient to other practitioners and specialties.  I also believe that integration is the key to a healthier well-being.

I have been working in the holistic health industry for over 30 years, as a massage therapist, personal trainer, nutritional adviser, nurse and acupuncturist.  All of these experiences helped shaped how I view and treat health.

I am a personal believer in traditional Chinese medicine and feel this is one of the best drug-free methods of treating many disorders.  I invite you to come in and see what acupuncture do for you.

NOTE: I have been thinking about the possibility of doing a community-type clinic treatment one day a week.  This is done on reclining chairs, 20-30 minute treatments for a discounted rate.  This is a great way to introduce you to acupuncture if you never had it.  It will be done in a community setting, which means 3 chairs in one room and 2 in another.  I would like the community input about supporting this practice. Please comment if you are interested.

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