Friday, July 10, 2015

Does Your Post Office Have a Chinchilla? Postal Connections Does!

My name is Bolt. You may think that an odd name but I am, of course, a chinchilla.

I used to live with this nice couple - they had a big dog I got along great with, but I didn't have a lot of run time. Plus I had ambitions - I needed a career!

So I applied for this interesting job at Postal Connections. They were looking for a Managing Director of Customer Relations. I am not entirely certain what that means - I think it means you get to order customers around, I don't know. I mostly wanted money to buy extra dandelion greens.

Little did I know the screening process would take a year! So I lived with my staff and their 2 cats. (Who still don't trust me. I just ignore them.) I need my beauty sleep during the day, so I really didn't want to work many days, and I started the negotiation process.

My owner, Ann Marie, wanted me to work 6 days a week like she does. I told her that was for the dogs, not the chinchilla!

We spent months negotiating. She said 6 days.

I sat on her shoulder and put my soft fur against her cheek. She said 4 days.

I put my little paws on her cheek and nuzzled her. She said 4 hours a week.

Sold! I post my hours on Facebook so people can find out when I'm at the store and I have seen many customers. They've all been very kind and they spend a lot of time petting me and exclaiming over how soft I am, so that's wonderful.

I just wish more of them would bring treats. Don't they know how much I love dandelion greens?

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