Thursday, July 9, 2015

Help CCSA's "Back to School" Program Provide School Supplies to Low Income Kids

Every child should go to school prepared, but essential school supplies like pencils, rulers and notebooks and a backpack to carry them in are often out of the reach of the low income children in this community.

Each year CCSA assists low-income children with backpacks and essential school supplies. This year we hope to distribute 200 backpacks to children in grades K – 9.  WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MEET THIS GOAL.

We are asking that our community join us in this effort by providing one or more fully packed backpacks to be distributed. A list of age-appropriate supplies to be included in the backpacks is below.  The Back to School program is fun because you can do one backpack or more if you get a group together!

We will collect filled backpacks during the month of July and distribute backpacks through our daily emergency services program at the Clairemont Service Center during the period Monday, August 10 thru Friday, August 28, 2015.

Backpack donations should be delivered to the Clairemont Service Center, located at 4167 Rappahannock Avenue SD 92117, between 8:00am to 4:00pm during the month of July.  If you deliver 8:00-9:30am, please call 858-274-2273 to let the staff know you are coming as the gate is locked until 9:30am.

Note: We will not be accepting loose supplies, socks, underwear, gift cards or financial contributions for this program.

For more information or questions, please contact CCSA at (858) 274-2271; or e-mail Connie at

K-2 Backpack Items

1. Back Pack:1                              
2. Spiral Notebook:2
3. Pencil Sharpener:1
4. Pencils (10Pack):1
5. Erasers (6Bag): 1
6. Scissors: 1
7. Crayons:1BX
8. Magic Markers:1 BX
9. Glue Sticks: 2
10. Pencil Box:1

Total # of Items/ Back Pack = 10

3rd – 9th Grade Backpack Items

1. Back Pack:1
2. Binder:1
3. Spiral Notebook:2
4. Note Book Paper:2
5. Pencil Holder:1
6. Pens (10/Pack):1
7. Pencils (10/Pack):1
8. Colored Pencils:1 BX
9. Pencil Sharpener: 1
10. Eraser:1
1. Highlighter Marker:1
12. Ruler:1
13. Glue Bottle;1
14. Glue Sticks: 2
15. Pocket Portfolios: 2
16. Scissors:1

Total # of Items/Back Pack =20

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