Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Clairemont Farmers Market Announces Fall Hours 9am-1pm

Have you shopped at the Clairemont Farmers Market yet? The Clairemont Farmers Market is a certified farmers market at Madison High School every Saturday. As of September, fall season hours are 9am-1pm. 
Freskos Dips & Spreads

While the market does have wonderful local produce, there are also vendors selling prepared foods, some of which you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

For example, Freskos Dips and Spreads sells a unique feta cheese dip in several savory flavors. The mouthwatering combination of rich, imported Greek Feta Cheese, smooth Manouri Cheese, and velvety cream cheese create a mouthwatering, creamy delight. The original flavor includes black Kalamata olives paired with Manzilla green olives and a blend of fresh garlic which creates an irresistible classic dip that will leave you wanting more. You can eat it with crackers or spread on toast. The Original Feta Cheese Dip can also be added to any pasta or stuffed into chicken breasts, mushrooms, or vegetables for a modern Mediterranean flair.  Other flavors include chipotle, sun dried tomato and basil and avocado jalapeƱo cilantro.

Mueller's Mushrooms
Or how about some fresh Alpine-grown mushrooms? Mueller's Mushrooms is a Gourmet and Medical mushroom farm specializing in cultivating some of the best mushrooms from around the world. Pick up some fresh mushrooms to cook with or grab a bag of  mushroom jerky. Mueller's Mushrooms is also a sales rep for one of the best Kombucha manufacturers around, Edible Alchemy. Kombucha is a fermented tea that is chock full of good-for-you yeasts and bacteria. Stop by for a sample of Kombucha and some mushroom jerky!

As a California certified farmers market, local foods and goods are sold in an open-air atmosphere year-round. Here you can get local produce from local vendors, straight from the fields, farm to table! Organic agriculture and healthy, natural food in abundance. With artisans and vendors every Saturday from 9am-1pm, come join us in the fun and freshness!

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