Thursday, October 22, 2015

Clairemont Business News: Chamber Mixes It Up

Allen Boaz
The Clairemont Chamber of Commerce held its October meeting/mixer at Balletiquette Academy of Fitness and Dance, 3060 Clairemont Dr.  Members and guests enjoyed snacking on sandwiches while getting to know each other. It was a nicely varied group in terms of types of business represented and a mix of "regulars" and first time attendees.

Chamber past president Janet Poutré called the meeting to order and shared information on upcoming events. Most important will be the call for nominations for appointment to the Board of Directors and election of officers. Ms. Poutré stressed the need for new faces on the Board, as some have "termed out".

After the traditional "round robin" introductions, Balletiquette's co-owner, Allen Boaz guided us through a tour of the impressive facilities (including the secret location of one of the best views in Clairemont!).

As he showed us the Pilates classroom, he explained he had built several of the machines himself. Balletiquette offers both group and private classes in dance and Pilates. Dance students may be as young as 3 and there are adult classes as well. Styles of dance taught include Ballet, Hip-hop, Contemporary, Modern, and Tap.

The Chamber thanks Allen and Sylvia Boaz for hosting this month's mixer. If you are a business owner or manager in Clairemont, you are welcome to be a guest at any of our events, or visit our website now to join online.

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