Monday, October 12, 2015

Councilmember Chris Cate's District 6 Report Oct. 2015

By Chris Cate

There are 40 million Americans over the age of 65. Thanks to organizations, such as LiveWell San Diego, seniors living in Clairemont receive the support and services they need to live, learn, and thrive. Specifically, LiveWell San Diego has been providing senior services for more than four decades.

LiveWell San Diego had been operating at the North Clairemont Recreation Center under a month-to month lease. Due to internal operational challenges, LiveWell San Diego, along with my staff at the Council District 6 office, worked diligently to negotiate a long-term lease agreement with the City of San Diego’s Real Estate Assets Department and Parks & Recreation Department.

Despite our best efforts, the Real Estate Assets Department would not renew a long-term lease agreement with LiveWell San Diego and ultimately decided to explore alternative options and operators for the facility. As such, Livewell San Diego decided to close their doors by end of September 2015.

My top priority throughout this negotiation process has been for seniors living in Clairemont to continue receiving resources and the support they need to maintain their quality of life without interruption of services. While I am extremely disappointed a solution was not reached with LiveWell San Diego, I remain committed to finding another service provider that can offer similar services.

We are currently working closely with the Parks and Recreation Department to ensure that senior citizens that previously used the LiveWell San Diego facility for group events and programs will continue to have a space to do so at the North Clairemont Recreation Center.

We are also making sure that seniors that used the LiveWell San Diego facility for casual recreation activities such as card games and social meet ups will also be able to continue doing so at the recreation center. Our goal is to have this space available as soon as possible following LiveWell San Diego’s closure . We will continue to move forward and keep the community informed with developments regarding LiveWellSan Diego, their services at the North Clairemont Recreation Center, and alternative service provider options.

District 6 Councilmember Chris Cate

In the meantime, please call my office if you have been impacted by this closure and my staff will do whatever it can to help you during this difficult transition.

202 C Street, 10th Floor, San Diego, CA 92101


  1. This is just not right. We should be opening more centers for older adults, not letting them close. This served as an important place for recreation and socialization. Many won't be able to go somewhere do to minimal or lack of transportation, they need a local place they can go to.

  2. I'm sure there are details I don't know about this issue, but it is sad to see this closure. At the very least, I'm sure many seniors used LiveWell as a Cool Zone during recent heat waves, in addition to all the activities and opportunities for socialization.

    This issue highlights the need for more public space in Clairemont dedicated to social and cultural activities. The Rec Centers are great but they are relatively small and mostly accommodate sports. They also close at 8 pm most weekdays and by 4 pm on the weekends, making them an unsuitable place for things like evening rehearsals or other programs for adults who work during the day but still want to participate in community activities. In a large community that serves such a diverse population it doesn't make sense that there isn't a community center that addresses the needs of more than just young, able-bodied people interested in sports. I know the new theatre at CPMA was supposed to help partially bridge that gap by providing performance space for local groups, but there are no allowances for groups with small budgets and availability depends on the school's schedule (as it should). It also doesn't address any other needs, like gallery space for local artists, space for art classes or other social activities, and, of course, room for things like a day center for seniors.

    I can't see an easy solution but this definitely seems like a pressing conversation, especially in light of LiveWell's closure.


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