Monday, November 23, 2015

Balboa Avenue Station Area Specific Plan Community Meeting

Site Plan from SANDAG
The City of San Diego Planning Department is launching a series of public meetings for community engagement to develop a land use and mobility plan for the entire area from Rose Creek to the future Balboa Trolley Station. The first meeting is on Mon, Dec 7, 6:00pm at the Pacific Beach Library Community Room,  4275 Cass St., San Diego, CA 92109.

The planning area includes Mission Bay Drive, the neighborhood between Rose Creek and Mission Bay Drive, as well as the area east of Mission Bay Drive to I-5 in Pacific Beach as well as area east of I-5 in Clairemont. This encompasses all land between Rose Creek in Pacific Beach and Morena Blvd in Clairemont.

Some background on the project:
Multi-modal improvements will be identified to increase bicycle, pedestrian, and transit access to the station. The area has constrained roadways that could affect access to the future Trolley Station. The existing land use and community plans do not effectively address transit oriented development or multi-modal access to the Station.

With the design process for the Mid-Coast Corridor Light Rail Transit Project underway, the service could serve as a catalyst for new TOD uses near the station. The Plan will engage the Pacific Beach and Clairemont communities to produce a Specific Plan and implementation program that addresses transportation demand, economic market analysis, urban design concepts, and multi-modal improvement projects. The Plan will be implemented through Community Plan and Facilities Financing Plan amendments.

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