Monday, November 9, 2015

Handicapped Man's Bike Stolen

A local disabled man had his means of independence stolen from him in broad daylight on Halloween.

Patrick was working out Being Fit, his gym in Clairemont Square and had his bike and helmet locked up out front with what he thought was a good lock.  A bold thief cut right through it.

The bike is important to Patrick because it is his only means of transportation; he doesn't drive.  It is a distinctive bike, the same as shown but with a black frame and silver fenders. The trike is an industrial SunAtlas purchased at Q-Bikes.

Patrick's mother, Susan Vacca, has been spreading the word about the missing bike on social media and  says  "Apparently there have been several bikes stolen in and around the square. I have spoken to management at the square and just about everyone I can think of. More than anything I just don't want this to keep happening. In my heart I know that who ever took this bike knew exactly who it belonged to and had been casing it. Patrick has a routine that is easy to follow and his bike is very recognizable...takes a real low life to steal from a disabled person."

At this time the bike is still missing, but a new one is on order from Q-Bikes.  Susan is also heartened by the response from people in the community to Patrick's predicament.

There was a great bike donated that, unfortunately due to Patrick's diabilities, was not stable enough for him, but Q-bikes has offered to list the bike for resale and apply monies from that towards the new bike. Patrick's family is grateful to Bruce Brodnick, who also works out at Patrick's gym, for such a generous gift.

Channel 10 did a story and a follow up and after seeing it the folks at Ability Access Center and Pacific Coast Bike offered to help replace his bike.

About the support the family has felt from the community, Susan said " Wonderful offers of humane kindness. We keep looking and hope that we will find the bike. Thank you all for your kind words, please continue to keep an eye out for this bike, I still believe it is somewhere here in Clairemont area. "

If you have seen Patrick's missing bike, please contact SDPD.

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