Monday, November 2, 2015

Sponsor a Food Basket at CCSA

CCSA is currently seeking sponsors to provide Christmas food baskets for between 200-250 specific low-income families that sign up at CCSA to receive a basket. These baskets will contain non-perishable food for the family’s Christmas dinner, but also should include a $50.00 gift card to a
merchant such as Target or Walmart for any perishable items for their Christmas dinner.

  • Families with 1-4 members will receive ONE basket and ONE gift card in it.
  • Families that have 5-8 members will receive TWO Gift baskets and TWO Gift cards.

You have the option of sponsoring either size family. 65% of children in the San Diego School system are food insecure. Let’s make their Christmas a bit brighter!

The number of families sponsored heavily depends on the Sponsor Sign Ups. This is your opportunity to share your blessings with others. The gift basket will include food for a holiday meal and a Target or Walmart gift card for perishable items so families, singles, seniors and those with special needs can enjoy a more festive Christmas meal.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make Christmas special for not only your family as you gather food for your own holiday gathering, but for a CCSA family in need. Find sponsor guidelines here!

Homeless Gift Bags
CCSA is also seeking sponsors to purchase items for our Gift Bags for 200-250 homeless individuals. Each person will receive a festive Gift Bag decorated by one of our volunteers. CCSA is purchasing the gift bags. Volunteers will put the gift bags together at the Clairemont office.

EXTRA Christmas Baskets
Should you prefer to provide a Christmas food basket for those families that do not sign up ahead of time but stop by before Christmas for extra assistance, we welcome your food basket donation. Please follow the same food guidelines to make up these baskets and deliver your donation the week of December 8th. The Gift card to Target or Walmart is not required in these food basket donations.

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