Monday, January 4, 2016

Local Non-Profit Invites Families of Special Needs Children: "Come Play With Us!"

Special Needs Playdate (SNP) focuses on inclusion and socialization for families of all abilities. Formed in 2014 by Tiffany Lees, SNP came together as a social outlet for families with special needs children.

Our mission is simple: we want all differently-abled families to enjoy the same activities typical families would without the worry of stares,comments or feeling the need to explain their loved ones' disability.
We offer private events to families in a non-judgmental, stress-free environment, whether this is at the movies, a day at the park, a swim class or a trip to the local museum.

​All playdates are open to all ages and abilities, parents/caregivers are always free and siblings are always welcome. We encourage families to come out, sit down, and resource among other families while our special kiddos enjoy private play, typical siblings engage with others in the same situation and everyone enjoys a safe, stress free, non judgmental environment.

We share equipment, community resources and help each other through rough times. Our long term goal is to become nationwide and give families access to playdates in their area. No family should ever feel alone. We are all in this journey together; in groups we can achieve success.

​Allowing our children to interact and be themselves no matter where our playdate is held ensures a very calm environment for all in attendance. Parents soon realize that they are actually able to come in, relax and let their loved ones be themselves. This atmosphere has been proven to reduce the amount of typical behaviors that our special children might have had at typical playdates.

We invite you and your unique family to join us for good quality family time at our next playdate! We offer families 2-4 private events each month throughout the county at various venues geared towards children liking/learning/enjoying.

For more information please visit We look forward to having you at the next playdate!

Tiffany Lees and children
Tiffany was born and raised in San Diego,CA. She is a mom of 2, 1 of whom happens to have special needs. Starting a non-profit was a lifetime goal of Tiffany’s. After her son's diagnosis, she felt the need to provide a different type of service to other differently-abled families. 

Previous to the start of Special Needs Playdate, Tiffany volunteered for The Stephen J Wampler Foundation as the executive assistant. This is where she gained more knowledge in the needs of special families and the courage to start her own organization. Tiffany is very passionate about supporting/educating/advocating for the disabled community.

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