Monday, January 11, 2016

New Technology in Towing

Car breakdowns and having to get a car towed are usually most people’s low points of the day.  This is a really stressful situation, and people want to get it over with as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Not too long ago waiting for a tow truck could mean you’d be out there in your car for hours waiting for the driver to get there and not knowing when that would be.  Luckily, today it isn’t so.

Like most industries in today’s world the towing industry had also become computerized.  We are using more and more technology in every area of our work and now we also have our own apps which are not only very helpful to professionals, but they are very helpful to our customers too.

If you already have an app installed in your smartphone you can almost instantly reach your nearest tow company, or a tow company that you know and trust and they will immediately see where you are and be able to give you a very close estimate of how long it will take to get to you. Even if you don’t know how to give instructions on how to get to you, we’ll find you via the GPS.

Customers can also follow the tow trucks coming to rescue them via the app, which means that they know exactly how long it will be until the truck gets there, which gives them a great sense of security.

Veteran tow truck drivers have seen many new tools and devices over the years and today new technology is creeping into the different aspects of our jobs and making life very much easier for us. From the computer technology we use in the office and in the trucks and that trusty GPS software we use to reach our customers quicker to the new state-of-the-art mechanical equipment we get to use it's a whole new world in towing.

Computer software is making its way into the towing industry and this is helping to make the business much more efficient.  From maintenance and repair tracking of our fleets, where the software lets us know when it’s time to inspect a vehicle or even when it’s time to check tire pressure, to apps that enable us to provide our customers with automated quotes and invoices technology has been a big help.

Wireless technology has become very common in the towing industry. In fact, today wireless controls can remotely operate different components such as primary warning lights, tow lights, bed controls and winches. And all of this can be done by using apps on a smartphone.

It is no secret that towing can be a dangerous occupation, so we do everything we can to keep safe. Today many tow truck drivers are also installing another type of technology, mobile video surveillance systems in their vehicles to make driving (and parking) our large trucks a lot safer. The cameras allow us to see blind spots that we usually can’t see in these large vehicles.

Technology is constantly changing and evolving and we will continue to integrate it into our operations and use it to help us in our work as tow truck drivers and in our quest to provide our
customers with speedy and proficient solutions in their time of need.

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