Friday, February 19, 2016

FREE Electric Bike Expo, Try One Out!

Have you ever tried an electric bike?

If you want to explore the word of E-bikes and try one or two out yourself, come enjoy the FREE Electric Bike Expo at Liberty Station on February 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2016.

In an interview with the UT, Clairemont resident and local E-bike expert Bob "Turbo Bob" Bandhauer explained what an electric bike is and why it's cool:
"An E-bike is an everyday bicycle with a small motor and battery. Just like a bicycle bell or basket, the motor adds fun and utility. They help flatten out the hills. You can travel 20 or 30 miles on about 5 cents of electricity. So there are cost savings and a green effect — no air pollution — with every ride. You decide on how much exercise you get, but it’s normal to provide about half the power with your legs."
At the EXPO, there will be 18 brands of E-bikes from most of the major E-bike makers, inviting you to try out any or all of the well over 100 E-bikes on the test track. At least one new maker will be there---and some yet-to-be released prototypes too. Come feel what an electric bike can do to change your life!
Included with the fun will be a raffle with fun bike related prizes. There will be 3 E-bikes awarded as raffle gifts (one requiring ticket purchase with those proceeds going to a local charity).

You are invited to join in one or both group bike rides to Cabrillo National Park. Turbo Bob will be leading the rides on his ULITMATE COMMUTER E-BIKE BUILD. Cold drinks and snacks will be served to the riders afterwards. It will be a casual 12 mile ride on the undulating main road to the point of the peninsula and back. There are expected to be local shops with rental E-bikes to use. We urge you to bring your own E-bike for the ride, although any bicycle can be used to join in.

The group rides will be on Saturday (the 27th) at 9:30 am and on Sunday (the 28th) at 1 pm. The event is free, yet pre-registering is fully advised. Here is the link for registering.

See you there?

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