Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Opinion: Take a Second Look at Clairemont Schools

John Lee Evans
John Lee Evans, Trustee, San Diego Unified School District

If your kids are not attending a school in our Clairemont neighborhood, they are missing out.  In the past few years there has been a renaissance in Clairemont schools.  Maybe you haven’t heard about it.

The new Clairemont High is one of two in the nation that is offering a new “pathways” program.  Essentially what it means is that students can begin to prepare for a career in high school in one of four “majors”:  business, engineering, health care or information technology.  They still meet all of the college prep requirements to go into other fields.  The campus is going to be upgraded, but we already have a brand new Academy of Business building.  Marston Middle School is developing programs to prepare the students for this unique high school.  While many students across the district will want to attend CHS, neighborhood students are guaranteed automatic admission.

Innovation Middle School, part of the Madison cluster, has just added sixth grade to make a comprehensive middle school.  That campus will be significantly expanded and upgraded.  Creative Performing and Media Arts Middle School (CPMA) has a beautiful new Performing Arts Center, which can be used for both school and community events.  They can continue in their arts programs at Madison High.

Both Madison High and Clairemont High have beautiful new stadiums and athletic facilities for great sports programs and community participation.  Both schools have state-of-the-art auto tech centers, which were missing from many of our schools for years.  Madison also has a state-of-the-art broadcast facility.

All students who attend Clairemont elementary schools are automatically eligible to participate in the middle and high school programs.  At one point Cadman Elementary and other small schools were on the proposed district chopping block.  We not only saved Cadman, but enrollment has gone up.  This is in keeping with our Vision 2020 commitment to Quality Schools in Every Neighborhood.  A great school is just down the street from your house.  Check it out.

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  1. There are so many families out there choicing out of their neighborhood schools, including Clairemont, largely due to the school ratings that are being displayed on real estate listing websites.

    I did extensive research on this topic after speaking to families about the issue, and wrote an in-depth article I think would be relevant to share to as many people as possible, for the sake of being better informed and shed some perspective into choosing the best school for a child!

    Please see the full article here. PDF available for download there.

    Caroline Abkar


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