Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Clairemont Town Council President's Letter July 2016

Student Rep. Jesus Martinez celebrates her
graduation from Clairemont High School
Congratulations to Jesus Martinez on her graduation!

In 2011, the Clairemont Town Council established the role of Student Representative as a way to help foster civic engagement among Clairemont's youth. It was an opportunity for CTC to help develop their leadership skills and help connect them with the many community and elected leaders who visit our meetings during any given month.

As a newer (and younger) member of the Town Council's Board five years ago, this was one of the first things I helped push.

Jesus Martinez was not our first Student Representative, but she has certainly had the most impact -- not only for Clairemont Town Council -- but her leadership skills at Clairemont High School and throughout our community.

Midland University in Nebraska now awaits her enrollment on a women's wrestling scholarship. She will be working towards her double major in Sociology and Philosophy with a minor in Political Science. Post-college, we hope that she returns home to San Diego and continues her contribution to our Clairemont neighborhoods.

Our next Clairemont Town Council meeting will be held tomorrow, Thursday, July 7th at 6:30pm in the Cadman Elementary cafeteria. As announced at last month's meeting, we will be holding a community forum on the growing issue of short-term vacation rentals. Representatives from Save San Diego Neighborhoods will present their case, as will noted land-use attorney Omar Passons. Clairemont Town Council will be considering taking a formal position on this issue.

Also, we will hear from some concerned residents near Jutland Drive about unfortunate parking and traffic issues along that route, and will will review the Amending Bylaws section -- the last of our continued updates on Bylaws for the foreseeable future. Proposed changes can be found on our website:

Finally, set your calendars young padawans. We will be screening Star Wars: The Force Awakens for Movies in the Park on Saturday, July 30th at the Cadman Recreation Center.

If you haven't felt the force and/or have seen this movie yet, please keep in mind that it's rated PG-13, so it might be too intense for younger kids. Otherwise, this is going to be a great summer event! We are lining up family-friendly activities, and we've confirmed appearances from some local stormtroopers.

Working for you, Clairemont!
Ryan Trabuco, President

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