Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Clairemont 3rd Graders Collecting Socks

Students with collection baskets
Hello Clairemont!

We are the third-grade class from The Child’s Primary School in Clairemont.

We believe in helping the community by supporting organizations who help people and our environment. One organization we are supporting this year is Think Dignity.

Think Dignity helps people who live on the streets to feel cared for and to get back on their feet. They want all people to feel a sense of dignity.

We decided to collect socks for Think Dignity’s Survival Supply Distribution event on Thanksgiving Day. Our goal is to collect 200 pairs of new men’s socks by November 22. While our neighbors get back on their feet, we want their feet to be cozy!
We hope to get support from local community members. Would you please consider donating socks to our drive? We, and our displaced neighbors, would be so grateful.  Anyone who wishes to donate socks can contact our teacher, Ms. Cara Dunn, at cdunn@tcps.org.
Thank you for considering our request!


The 3rd graders from The Child’s Primary School

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