Thursday, May 4, 2017

Clairemont Town Council Meeting Tonight Will Honor Ryan Trabuco, Swear In New President

Ryan Trabuco
Tonight at 6:30 at its monthly meeting in the Cadman Elementary School Auditorium your Clairemont Town Council will honor one of our community's unsung heroes, outgoing CTC President Ryan Trabuco.  New President Eden Yaege will also be sworn in. All are invited to attend.

Ryan has served as president for 6 years, leading an ever-changing Board of Directors and a small, but fiercely loyal group of other residents of the Clairemont area in their mission:
To protect and enhance the quality of life in our Clairemont community by providing a forum for discussion on issues that directly or indirectly affect the primary residents and businesses within Clairemont.

In case you are not familiar with the CTC (and I hope reading this will inspire you to become involved), it is the non-profit, all-volunteer organization that provides a number of services to our community.

Since the timing is good, I'll mention just one: the Annual Clairemont Garden Tour, which will be this Saturday May 6th, 2017. The tour, in its 21st year, is among those featured in lists of "must see" garden tours in local media, and is the primary fundraiser for the CTC each year. Funds are distributed in the form of grants to community members' public service projects, non-profit organizations and local events.

In his six year tenure, Ryan has been the spirit behind so many of big moments in the Council's recent history. For example, maybe it would have happened anyway but it seems to me the CTC has hosted more political debates--including two featuring mayoral candidates!-- these last few years. Convincing busy politicians to visit Clairemont and respond to our questions is no small feat. I know Ryan and the Board have worked hard each month to present speakers and info of great value to the rest of us.

Behind the scenes, Ryan has been a tireless advocate for our community wherever he goes. From spotlighting Clairemont companies on the radio, to getting Clairemont residents' voices on city commissions Ryan is the "go-to" guy if you want to know someone or something important in Clairemont.

When he wasn't talking about Clairemont, he was helping develop the branding, social media and web presence of the CTC. He faithfully submitted President's letters each month to the CC News and made sure the CTC's own e-newsletter looked great. He even designed the logo!

As a person, Ryan is a gem. He is a busy guy with a lot on his plate (although he seems to have seen every new movie), but Ryan never fails to respond when I have reached out with a question or need. If I hear a Clairemont rumor, 9 times out of 10 I turn to Ryan first to check it out.

I know Ryan is humble and he is motivated by public service, but this once I hope he will enjoy the recognition his contribution of time and talents has earned. Thank you Ryan for your service to Clairemont and personally for your friendship and support of the CC News. Enjoy "retirement" Mr. President!

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