Thursday, May 11, 2017

What to Know Before Hiring a Limousine Service

Weddings, birthdays, prom and nights with friends out on the town: some occasions are so special that comfort and luxury are the order of the day. Limousine service provides formal, worry-free transportation for these special events. Follow these tips to help ensure your event goes as planned.

Tip 1: Be Wary of  Limo Brokers.
Limousine brokers do not own any limousines.  They book your order and then farm-out your business out to an actual limo company.  Sometimes, limousine companies will act as a broker when their own coaches are booked, or when a specialty vehicle is requested they do not own.  But using a broker can get sticky.  When a issue arises, to whom do you complain?  Who is responsible?  Why pay a middleman?

Tip 2: Licensing, Bonding, Insurance.
Passenger carriers, including limousine services, must be licensed by the State of California Public Utilities Commission (PUC).  You can check the license status of a passenger carrier here.

Tip 3: Ask for a Drug Screening Certificate.
Commercial drivers in the State of California must submit to random drug screenings administered by a neutral third party.  The neutral third party issues a certificate.  Ask to see the certificate.

Tip 4: Ask to See The Limo.
Most limousine companies own between one to four limos.  Browsing websites, it's obvious some companies post stock or generic photos of beautiful limos....that do not exist in their fleet!  Take the time to see the limo and confirm you are getting a clean, luxurious, well-maintained limousine.

Tip 5: Be Cost Conscious but not Cost Foolish.
Like any other service, quality can vary. Old limos don't go into retirement; they're purchased by budget limo companies advertising hard-to-resist prices.  The excitement of getting a great price quickly turns to disappointment when the limo fails to meet basic standards of luxury.

Tip 6: Celebrate Your Event on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.
Limo service is most expensive on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  You'll save money if you book on a weekday.

Tip 7: Funeral Services
Funerals are expensive.  Don't rent the overpriced limo from the mortuary.  You'll save money booking a funeral limo from a outside company.

Tip 6: Get a Written Contract.
Your written contract should include:

  1. Cost per hour(e.g. $100 per hour) or for group of hours(e.g., 6 hours for $500)
  2. Approximate number of service hours
  3. Cost for each additional hour of overtime
  4. Is a deposit required to book? How much? Is my deposit refundable?
  5. Does this rate include chauffeur's tip? Am I expected to tip? At what percentage?
  6. Pick up time and address
  7. Destination address and approximate time of arrival
  8. Special service requirements such as assisting disabled passengers, business signage, decorations,etc. 
  9.  Limousine service will not broker or “farm out” your job unless there is an unavoidable event, i.e., the limo you selected was recently damaged or experienced mechanical failure.
  10. Specify the driver will wear a dark suit and tie.  No polo shirts, no sports coats.

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